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Seriously, how cute are these penguin poppers? They’re a fun penguin-themed DIY toy you can make in a flash.

This easy kids craft is suitable for all age groups and makes a fun project for Winter or holiday-themed crafting. The printable template is free.

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penguin popper DIY toy craft for kids

Pom pom poppers are so much fun to make! We’ve created spooky ghost poppers, snowman poppers, and now have an easy penguin-themed version. 

This pom pom popper is slightly different in design to our other poppers, given that you put the balloon around the larger end of your paper cup rather than the smaller end. This eliminates the need for tape to hold the balloon in place, so it’s slightly easier to make. It also makes it a bit trickier to shoot the pom poms out though.

When using the penguin popper, you need to make sure your pom pom is centred and you pull the balloon tip back straight when you fling it.

super cute penguin popper craft for kids

Let’s get started …

How to make a penguin pom pom popper

items needed to make penguin poppers

You will need

  • Black paper cups
  • Black Balloons
  • Glue stick
  • Double sided tape
  • Black and yellow construction paper (or colour the template with felt tip markers)
  • Pom poms
  • The printable template

How to:

Gather your materials and cut out the penguin shapes. You can trace the wings and beak onto construction paper if you like, but I find the easiest way is to staple the shapes on and then cut them out. For the wing, fold the black paper before stapling so you cut out two wing shapes at once.

steps to making penguin poppers

Remove the base from your paper cup. Cut a slit across it with a craft knife (adults recommended to do this step) and use your fingers to rip the paper base out.

Removing the base from the paper cup

Glue the tummy and beak onto the front of your cup with a glue stick. Use double-sided tape to attach the wings. Fold each one so they poke out slightly.

Assembling the penguin popper

Parts glued on

Blow your balloon up and then release the air to get it nice and stretchy. Tie a knot in the tip, then cut off the rounded end, leaving most of the balloon in one piece.

Turn the penguin on his head, then stretch the balloon over the rim of the cup. It should stay in place on it’s own.

finished penguin popper

You’re done!

Now just add pom poms and pop away.

adorable penguin popper DIY toy craft for kids

penguin popper craft

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