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Make an array of rainbow hedgehogs with this easy pom pom hedgehog craft idea.

The printable template is free, all you need to add is yarn, glue it together and draw on a personalised face.

pom pom hedgehog craft for kids

Seriously, how cute are hedgehogs? The real ones can be a little bit prickly but these rainbow pom pom pets are super soft and fluffy. So cute!

My ten and eleven year old girls had a blast making these one afternoon last week. We created lots of them in different colours and the girls gave all of them names. There was Sunshine, Polly, Mr Prickles and Tutti Frutti to name a few.

When you’re crafting your hedgehog you’ll need to make a medium sized cardboard pom pom maker first so that your pom pom turns out the perfect size for the template. I’ve included the pom pom maker template in the same pdf as the hedgehog template to save you needing to download both templates. 

adorable hedgehog craft idea

Now let’s get onto the hedgehog craft…


How to make a pom pom hedgehog

You will need:

  • card stock
  • yarn (I think ours is around 8 ply but any thickness will do)
  • sharpie marker
  • good sharp scissors
  • a scrap of recycled cardboard for the pom pom maker
  • glue stick or double sided tape
  • The printable template

How to:

  1. Wrap yarn around the cardboard pom pom maker until you have a nice fat wad of it
  2. Tie it tightly in the middle, then slide off the pom pom maker.
  3. Tie the middle tighter again
  4. Snip the looped ends to create a pom pom
  5. Print the template onto card stock in a colour of your choice
  6. Cut the template out along the black lines
  7. Fold the face along the dotted lines and then bend into a pointy nose shape. Glue down with a glue stick, you will need to put a bit of pressure on the tab and hold together for 20 seconds or so to get the tab to stick properly
  8. Tie the pom pom onto the body, using the slits on the side to tuck the yarn into and hold it in place
  9. Trim the pom pom a little if you think it needs it
  10. Draw two eyes and a little nose on the end using your marker

yarn hedgehog craft steps

yarn hedgehog steps

fluffy yarn hedgehog craft for kids

super cute hedgehog craft for kids

You’d be surprised how much hedgehogs love a good gossip. Every time I walk past my daughter’s room I see these guys on the shelf with their little rainbow noses together in a huddle whispering about something.

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pom pom hedgehog craft for kids