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Here is a fun Halloween craft idea – make some pom pom popper ghosts.

This is a fun DIY toy for all ages, and they are so quick and easy to make too!

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spooky ghost pom pom popper crafts

You’ve made pom pom poppers before, right? If not you should because they’re lots of fun. I love that they are so quick to make and the materials needed are so simple.

Most people with kids would have balloons stashed away somewhere and paper cups leftover from a birthday party (at least we do). You can put them to good use by creating a pom pom popper ghost!

pom pom poppers materials

You will need:

• paper cups 
• balloons
• double sided tape
• electrical tape (or thin duct tape)
• small piece of white card stock
• sharpie marker
• pom poms
• sharp knife and scissors

How to:

  1. Use  your sharp knife to cut an ‘X’ in the base of the cup, then use the flaps of the cross you’ve created to pull out the base completely.
  2. Blow the balloon up and let the air out again and give it a good stretch. Tie a knot in the end whilst the balloon is deflated and cut the tip off with a pair of sharp scissors. Discard the tip and keep the end with the knot in it.
  3. Stretch the balloon over the base of the cup, then secure in place with double sided tape.
  4. Fold your small piece of white card stock in half and draw a ghost arm shape in it whilst folded.
  5. Cut the ghost arm shape out and unfold to reveal two arms the same. Fold the edge which will be attached to the cup and put into place with double sided tape.
  6. Draw a spooky face on the front in black marker.

Now just add pom poms and play!

ghost poppers step-1

ghost poppers-step 2

ghost pom pom poppers step 3

ghost poppers step 4

ghost pom pom popper

Easy peasy! These friendly ghosts have been tried and tested by the girls and they loved them.

holding a ghost pom pom popper and popping off the pom poms!

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ghost popper and steps