This was a fun way to work on Devyn’s fine motors and color recognition. She is still working on her colors as you will see in the video. In the video she is interested in matching the colors but towards the end she just wants to play with the materials. As she intereacts with the provocation I talk to her about the colors. She really enjoyed exploring with these materials!

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Here is a video of Devyn playing with the materials!

First you use the box cutter to cut cut holes in the top of the coffee canister. 
Then you use the acrylic markers and add colors around the circles. 


Grab a bowl and put some pom poms in it.  Now you are ready.          


At first Devyn was very eager to match the colors.  She has been very into talking about colors.  She is always repeating color names back after I say them.   

Here she wanted to point to each color.  Once I would say the color name she would repeat it.  She had to touch all of the colors.  She looked up at me as she touched each one waiting for me to tell her the color name. 

After going over the colors for a little while,  Devyn wanted to interact with the materials freely. This activity was great for her fine motors skills.  She really enjoyed exploring with the provocation.