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The Countdown to Christmas is almost as fun as Christmas itself, don’t you think? Here is a way to incorporate the Christmas countdown with art using a set of printable advent drawing prompt cards.

You can use this set of printable advent cards to create a simple DIY advent calendar. The idea is that kids can draw one picture per day in their Advent art journal by selecting a drawing prompt card from the box.

Alternatively, you can just use this set of cards as a fun Christmas-themed drawing game. 

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printable christmas drawing prompt cards for a DIY advent calendar

I love advent calendars, but you have to admit that most DIY versions can be hard work. Well, this one isn’t!

The aim behind this advent calendar was to create something quick, easy and fun. I didn’t want it to involve a ton of plastic ‘surprises’, too much sugar, or too many activities that parents and carers may not have time for during busy Christmas-rush season. What I’ve come up with is an Advent art journal and some printable Christmas-themed drawing prompts.

This DIY calendar has no numbers involved, but there are 24 printable cards that are designed to give kids a creative direction for their art journal each day in December leading up to Christmas. It’s bound to get them using their imaginations while they think, design, and draw.

The drawing cards cover things like Christmas traditions, giving, decorating, imaginative thinking, thankfulness and more. 

Use the free printable labels to stick onto a sketchbook and a small box or jar to complete your advent calendar.

DIY advent art journal

How to create your art journal advent calendar

You will need:

  • a blank sketch book, ours is A4 sized
  • some pencils, gel pens, felt-tip pens or similar
  • a small box, basket or mason jar to store your drawing prompt cards
  • this printable template
  • optional stickers to decorate (I’m giving my girls one packet of stickers each to go with their journals)

printa out the pencil drawing cards with Christmas drawing prompts for kids

To make your advent art journal simply cut out the cards, place in a box and stick the pencil-shaped label onto the front of the box.

Cut out a square art journal label (there are two colour options to choose from) and stick onto the front of your sketch book and you’re ready to go.

advent drawing cards pictured in box

Advent art journal cards free printable Christmas drawing prompt cards

If you have an art-loving child at home this would be a fun way to celebrate advent with them and it couldn’t be easier to set up.

I can’t wait to see what my girls draw in theirs.

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