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Today we’re sharing something extra special for all the bookworms out there – a printable fox bookmark! We have two free templates to choose from; there’s a clever reading fox or a cute hanging fox. Both of them would love to mark your page for you.

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printable fox bookmarks for kids – 2 designs to print and create using our free printable template

Not that long ago we shared some finger knit bookmarks which the girls helped to make. We need lots of bookmarks in our house, and I’d thought our swag of pretty finger knit creations would last a long time. Unfortunately, the dog loved them a little too much – seeing a soft little felt shape popping out of the end of a book left somewhere within her reach proved waaaay too tempting and we now have zero left.

Not to worry. I’ve designed some new printable fox bookmarks with far less dog-appeal. These cuties are based on the fox design in our woodland animal paper playset and printable baskets. Best of all, this printable is free. 

fox bookmark hanging from page

You have to wonder though, if a fox were reading a book what book would he read? I thought long and hard about what book title to put in his paws.

Foxes are smart, so I’m guessing he’d have a shelf filled with books. There’d be titles like How to catch the Ginger Bread Man, The day Jemima Puddle Duck got away, Outfoxing Chicken Licken and of course there’d be all of his foxy favourites. Well known classics like Fox in Socks, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Fox and the Hound.

Decisions decisions. In the end I went with a made up title, The Very Clever Fox.

printable fox bookmark – fox reading a book

The hanging fox is my favourite. She just loves hanging out in any book, a bit like me.

free printable fox bookmark

The printable is designed so that when you fold it over and glue it together, it can be cut out to have a reverse side as well. It adds to the cuteness and also makes the bookmark a little less flimsy.

fox bookmarks from back

fox bookmark hanging from page

Choosing which fox bookmark to make is a tough decision! But once you’ve made that decision, here’s how to put it together…

How to make a fox bookmark

You will need:

  • The printable fox template of your choice printed out onto ordinary paper
  • Blunt butter knife or a scoring tool
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Glue stick

How to:

fox bookmark free templates

1. Cut rectangular shapes out. Score the verticle centre line. Scoring the fold lines is not essential but recommended because it makes folding way smoother and easier.

fox bookmark craft step 2

2. Fold in half and glue together.

3. Cut out fox body and head. Score the neck fold.

fox bookmark craft step 3

4. Fold fox neck tab down and glue head into place

printable fox bookmark – 2 designs to choose from

Who’s ready for a cozy weekend of reading on the sofa? The finished bookmarks also make fun handmade extras to add to a book gift for birthdays or Christmas.

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printable fox bookmark – 2 designs to choose from