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Make some super cute printable paper guinea pigs using our free template. This set has a mama with two babies to cut, fold and slot together – no glue needed!

This printable craft was first published in 2016 and has been updated and reshared for today’s audience.

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Printable paper guinea pigs for kids to make

Do you have a soft spot for guinea pigs? I do. Last year we bought two adorable young pigs by the names of Bob and Lucy for our girls.

I say ‘for our girls’, but secretly I bought them for me.

When I was growing up we kept guinea pigs. We began with three, and of course, three soon became many. We sold the babies to the pet shop lady (if Mum ignored our pleas to keep them) and the four dollars per piggy she paid us seemed like a fortune to a ten-year-old.

I wanted my own girls to experience the wonder of owning these pets and also of seeing them have babies. This happened quicker than I anticipated!

As expected, my girls are both smitten and I’m happy to report that it’s just as amazing as I remembered to hold a baby guinea pig in your hands. This picture is of a one-day-old baby.

Day old baby guinea pig

This one’s a few weeks old.

Cute baby guinea pig

Guinea pig babies are incredible. They are born completely covered in fur with their eyes open, unlike other rodents. Straight away, they are able to walk around and even eat grass. They grow fast, and after 7 weeks ours were more than ready to leave their mama.

Lucy had three babies. It was sad to say goodbye but they’ve all moved on and found new homes now.

She won’t be having anymore because Bob is now desexed (which was a very interesting discussion to have with the kids!). We thought it would be kinder for Lucy to not be constantly pregnant and it’s a big responsibility to find good homes for all their babies, so these three were it for our family.

guinea pigs sitting in a white tub

When the last of the babies was shipped off to his new home, Miss K asked me to make a paper guinea pig for her.

You know I’m always up for a paper craft challenge!

Paper guinea pigs aren’t the same as the real thing but they are still cute. If you have a kid who’d love a pet guinea pig but don’t want the responsibility of keeping them it might be the next best thing.

How to make printable paper guinea pigs

To make one you’ll first need to print out the template. To receive your free guinea pig template enter your details into the space below and it will be emailed to you.

For best results use a heavy paper or light card stock that will fit through your printer. This will help for strength and sturdiness.

printable guinea pigs template

Cut out the shapes including the slits for the ears, fold two creases along the line of the guinea pig’s back and finally slot the ears into place to hold it together.

Big paper guinea pigs – mama or Dad

There is a mother guinea pig template and two different babies. I’ve made an extra one using an earth coloured card stock to give the mama three babies just like Lucy.

Cute guinea pig craft idea

Miss K was very pleased with them!

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