Got plastic waste in your house? Today we’re showing you how to repurpose it with over 30 recycled plastic crafts!

Turn your plastic trash into treasure with these ideas for used bottles, lids, bags, containers, and more.

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recycled plastic crafts for kids

When you think of recycling crafts, often the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard — boxes of all shapes and sizes and paper rolls — but what about plastic waste? 

Don’t discard plastic as a craft material, because there are tons of things you can make from that too.

A plastic bottle can easily be re-imagined as a planter or a rocket. A bottle cap can become a necklace or a musical instrument. A plastic bag can become a kite or a coaster.

Here are 30+ upcycling projects for kids to get you started on your stash of used plastic.

crafts made from plastic bottles

Things to make from recycled plastic bottles

plastic bottle crafts for kids

more plastic bottle recycled craft ideas for kids

plastic container crafts

Crafts made from recycled plastic containers

plastic lid crafts for kids

Things to make from plastic lids and trays

more recycled crafts made from plastic lids

recycled plastic bag crafts

Plastic bag craft ideas

More plastic recycling craft ideas

More recycled plastic crafts

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recycled plastic crafts for kids