star ornaments made out of salt dough

Need an easy Christmas ornament for preschoolers? You’ll love these simple salt dough stars!

We were introduced to salt dough ornaments several years ago when my son made some special ornaments with a beloved preschool teacher. I’ve always wanted to try them with my kids, so this was our year!

They were so easy to make and my kids get excited every time they see them on the Christmas tree!

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girl rolling out salt dough with a rolling pin

How do you make salt dough ornaments?

You only need three ingredients to make salt dough ornaments- just like our favorite cinnamon ornament recipe!

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Here are the materials you need to make these easy Christmas salt dough ornaments:

Making salt dough ornaments is so easy! Here are the instructions:

Put 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water into a mixing bowl.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Once mixed, make them into a ball.

girl cutting dough with star cookie cutter

Roll out the dough flat onto a surface sprinkled with flour.

Cut the dough into shapes for ornaments using cookie cutters. We used stars!

Not only are these ornaments fun to make together, using a rolling pin and pressing cookie cutters into the dough are both great fine motor skills activities for preschoolers.

Once you have your dough cut into shapes, use a pencil to put a hole through the dough. Make sure you don’t put the hole too close to the edge of the ornament. This hole will enable you to string some ribbon through your ornament and hang it on the tree.

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salt dough stars on a baking tray

Place ornaments on a cookie sheet lined with silicone or parchment paper.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

Bake your salt dough ornaments for 1 to 2 hours. (We baked ours for 2 hours and they were the perfect amount of “done”).

girl painting salt dough star ornaments

Once your ornaments are baked and cooled, you’re ready to paint! There are so many different ways you can paint with kids, so just pick your favorite painting tools and paint and get started.

After you’re done painting, you can add some embellishments like sequins or bio-degradable glitter. We like to seal our ornaments with some Scotch craft adhesive spray to secure the sparkles to the ornament.

Once the ornaments are dry, we thread some ribbon through the holes and tie the ribbon into a loop and knot it. Now we’re ready to hang it on the tree!

These salt dough ornaments make happy every time I look at our tree! They remind me of the fun afternoon I had creating and chatting with my kids.

The best sort of holiday memories often come when you put the hustle and bustle of Christmas “to do” lists down and you sit and create with your kids.

If you want an activity that is easy and creates a memory this Christmas, try these simple salt dough ornaments! They will be a hit and you’ll have something new and festive for your tree too!

These ornaments also make for great gifts!

Want to try a different type of salt dough keepsake ornament? I love these handprint salt down ornaments shared by my friend Jen at Mama Papa Bubba.

Do you have any other favorite Christmas ornaments for preschoolers to make? Share them in the comments!

salt dough star ornament