This is an easy sensory toy to make.  Grab some ribbons that are different textures. Then tie them on a  big ring.  

“Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.”

Here is a video of Devyn doing the activity!

I found this plastic ring in our house. It goes with one of the boys toys.  I collected 6 pieces of ribbon.  I was looking for ribbon that had different textures.  Next you just tie the ribbons onto the ring and your baby is ready to play! 

Devyn enjoyed when you held the ring above her.  She thought it was funny to grab the ribbons.  She would giggle when I would shake the ring and make all the ribbons jiggle! 

Devyn also liked reaching for the ribbons.  Once she could reach one she would pull the ring closer to herself.  

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