button shape sorting

What are fun ways to introduce shapes to preschoolers? This sticky shape sorting activity is such a quick to set up creative idea!

Children learn to identify and name shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles when they are preschoolers. Parents and teachers can introduce these beginning concepts to kids in really simple ways. Learning about shapes doesn’t have to be complicated or involve flashcards.

Parents can set up simple games and activities using materials they have at home, like this shape sticky wall, to introduce shapes!

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What materials do you need for this sticky shape sorting activity?

  • Different shaped jumbo buttons
  • Contact paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sharpie

How do I set up this shape sorting activity?

This shape activity is quick to set up. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Draw several shapes on the non-sticky side of the contact paper with a Sharpie, before you peel off the back.
  2. Tape the contact paper to a wall, easel, or flat surface (sticky side out) and peel off the sticky side.
  3. Secure the whole sticky wall with tape.
  4. Use shape buttons or other shaped objects and sort them onto their correct shape.

As you sort, you can make observations about what your child is doing. “Wow, you matched the yellow star to the star shape” and ” I love how you put 4 yellow and green squares inside the square.” These simple observations help reinforce what they are doing and teach them simple vocabulary skills.

I hope your kids enjoy this shape activity as much as we did!

You can also just sit back and relax and enjoy a break for a few minutes, since the buttons can be pulled off and rearranged and put back on again and again.

Why are shape activities important?

Learning about shapes helps children identify and begin to understand what they see in their environment. As they learn about shapes, they notice them in the letters they see and what they read and write. They also notice shapes in numbers and signs and symbols. Understanding shapes can help them learn skills in other curriculum areas too. It is one of the first things they learn before they start recognizing letters and numbers.

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button shape sorting activity