Need a simple to set up Valentine’s Day idea? This shaving cream hearts art activity will be a winner! It’s different every time you do it!

We’ve always loved making shaving cream prints, so were thrilled when we discovered marbled shaving cream art a few years ago! Preschoolers, toddlers, and adults alike find it so exciting! The process is just as much fun as the end product!

This shaving cream hearts activity is a sensory experience combined with a process art activity! The whole experience lets kids explore their senses and have fun touching different textures and materials.

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Materials Needed for this Shaving Cream Heart Art Activity:

  • craft tray
  • baking pan
  • shaving cream
  • washable paint
  • paper hearts
  • several craft sticks
  • towel

Want to see our Shaving Cream Heart Art activity in action? Check out this video tutorial (or scroll down for written instructions).

Directions for Shaving Cream Hearts:

  1. Cut out hearts from white cardstock.
  2. Spray shaving cream onto your craft tray or baking pan.
  3. Squirt washable paint onto the shaving cream.
  4. Mix the paint around with a craft stick.
  5. Press the heart onto the shaving cream design.
  6. Remove the heart and place it on a baking tray.
  7. Scrape off any excess shaving cream with a craft stick.
  8. Let dry and then display or turn into a valentine.

The activity is so easy! Kids also love the shaving cream so much that they often get their hands in to help mixing! Some kids will spend all of their time playing in the shaving cream and might not be interested in the art activity.

That is fine!

Add some dinosaurs, trucks or fun toys into the shaving cream to turn it into even more of a sensory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Let’s tackle some of the important questions I always get asked about this activity.

Can you make shaving cream art without the shaving cream smell?

Yes! Unscented shaving cream is a great choice if the smell of shaving cream bothers you. Just grab some unscented shaving cream at the Dollar Store or another grocery store or pharmacy and you’re ready to create without the smell!

My kids have sensitive skin. What type of shaving cream should I use?

Each child with sensitive skin is so different, but I recommend getting sensitive skin shaving cream if your child is prone to having difficulty with new sensory experiences.

How do you deal with the mess of this art activity?

This shaving cream hearts art activity is NOT an tidy activity. Kids are encouraged to make it into a sensory experience and touch the shaving cream and mix it! If can be less of a messy activity if you have clear boundaries and expectations for kids.

  • Shaving cream stays on the tray or in the pan.
  • Shaving cream can only go on hands.
  • Shaving cream can only be played with at the table.

Keep a towel nearby or take the activity outside or into the bathroom if you’re worried your kids will make a mess or have a hard time staying within your boundaries.

Sensory play and art activities, like this shaving cream hearts activity, give kids the opportunity to develop their self control. This is an important skill for kids to have! It’s great to give them opportunities like these to practice.

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