How do you teach a toddler numbers? Quick to set up games like this simple number matching activity are my favorite way to introduce numbers to kids.

There are so many ways to embed learning math concepts like counting, measuring, and identifying more and less through simple daily experiences along with easy activities that you can enjoy alongside your child.

When I introduce numbers to kids it is all through play, hands-on experiences, and every day interactions! Games are such a great way to teach new concepts!

Some children might need a more direct approach with more structured learning activities and teaching, but play is a great place to start!

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girl sticking papers on the wall

What you need for this number matching activity:

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How to set up this matching activity:

The set up for this number matching activity is so quick!

Just cut a piece of white paper and tape it to the wall!

Next, draw numbers on the paper. I did numbers 1-10.

After that, write the same numbers on the half sheets of cardstock. Stick the cardstock pieces with painters tape around the room on different pieces of furniture so that they are somewhat “hidden.”

Encourage your child to go and find the numbers that are stuck around the room and come and match them to the number on the wall.

Pull the numbers off and hide them again. Repeat!

Number recognition (knowing number names) is just one aspect as you start introducing your kids to numbers, counting, and under standing simple match concepts.


Want to help your child understand what each number means while you play? Try doing an action to go along with each number when you stick it on the wall.

For example, if your child matches #2, then do 2 jumps.

This will help your child start to realize that numbers are more than just something you see and write. They mean something. It will help them start to understand what 2 means.

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Do you have any other favorite activities to teach numbers to toddlers? I’d love to hear about them!

Smack the numbers by Sunny Day Family is such hands-on active way to introduce numbers!