Need an easy winter art activity? Try this classic toddler painting art idea with a twist… snow trucks!

Drive some trucks through the “snow” with some white paint! It’s so easy to set up!

Painting with toddlers doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. Just keep it simple and start with an easy open-ended process art activity.

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How do I introduce paint to my toddler?

Here are my tips for introducing paint to toddlers:

  • Cover the area you’ll be painting with craft paper.
  • Put your child in clothes that are ok to get messy (or put on a smock).
  • Pull out some washable paint to use.
  • Put a small amount of paint on a plate.
  • Give your child something to paint with (trucks, paintbrush, other toys).
  • Let your child explore the materials at the table.
  • Have a towel or wipes close by for when they’re done.
  • Try a toy or paintbrush wash afterwards to help them clean up!

Painting is such a great sensory experience for toddlers! It also allows them to learn about self control and explore cause and effect.

What you need for this Snow Trucks winter art activity:

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How to set up snow truck painting:

  1. Lay out craft paper on the table and tape it in place. We like using brown craft paper so that the white paint stands out.
  2. Put some white washable paint onto a plate for each child.
  3. Give your child some small trucks to drive through the paint and make marks on the brown paper.
  4. Let your child explore the trucks and paint together.

The best winter art activities let kids explore the art process and materials without too many rules or instructions!

These sparkly winter paintings are another easy & gorgeous winter art activity to try.

Once you’re done painting, host a car wash!

I love any activity that can be extended longer. Once you’re done painting with trucks, grab a sensory bin with water and you’re ready to scrub the trucks!

What you need to wash the trucks:

  • Dish scrubber (the Dollar store has some great scrubbers)
  • Sensory Bin filled with soapy water
  • Towel
  • Dirty “snow” covered trucks!

Just toss the trucks into the soapy water and start scrubbing. Some kids might like this part better than painting!

Stuck inside and need something fun to do today? Try snow trucks and a car wash! I guarantee your kids will love it.

You may even get to sit down and relax for a few minutes while they scrub their trucks!

Have any other favorite winter art activities for toddlers? Tell me about them below!