So this is how my morning stated. Heading out on my plow route at 4am. It is 5 above outside. As l was heading to start my area heading down River Rd. Lucky l had my wing light on the shines light toward the curb and sidewalk area. As I passed Kilbourn Ave l seen something on the sidewalk. First l thought it was a deer or large dog. No it was a child in his pajamas. No jacket or hat. He watched me and looked at me as l drove by. I turned my truck around and went back and l got out of the truck to find him with no shoes. His zip up pajamas did have feet bottoms. I took my jacket off and wrapped him up and put him in the truck with heat blasting and called PD on my radio. PD asked if l needed rescue and l said child appears to be fine besides shivering. I asked him where he lived. He pointed down the block. Then l asked him what he is doing out here. He said mom and dad are not home and l wanted to go see grandpa. Anyway PD showed up with 3 squads and took my information down and then l was on my way to do my route. I am so glad l found this child. He could have froze to death. PD thanked me for what l did. Today will be a day l will never ever forget.