This was a messy and fun process art activity! To make the spinner you need a marble, cd or dvd, and a bottle top.  Once you have your spinner, put some paint on it and spin away!  The boys had so much fun with this art activity outside!

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Cd or Dvd
plastic bottle top (fruit pouch tops work too!)
hot glue gun
hot glue
poster board

Here is a video of the boys doing the art activity!

First hot glue the marble to one side.  Then hot glue the cd or dvd to the other side.  Now your spinner is ready.  When you spin the marble goes on the bottom. 

Next the boys added paint to the cd’s.  Once they were done adding paint they were ready to spin.  You can spin multiple times before you put more paint on. 

The boys really enjoyed this art activity. They were surprised at how cool their designs looked! 

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