Need a quick St. Patrick’s Day Day game to play for a party or playdate with friends? Try this St Patrick’s Day movement game for preschoolers and toddlers (and older!)! It’s a candy walk!

This printable movement game is easy to download and print out for a low prep party activity!

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This game is easy to set up and great to play again and again! Kids love it and it is always the most popular party game.

Here’s what you need to play this St. Patrick’s Day Candy Walk Game:

How do you do a candy walk? This St. Patrick’s Day movement game is so easy!

  1. Print out the movement game cards
  2. Tape them in a circle around whatever room you’ll be playing in. Hardwood floor is easier than carpet.
  3. Cut up page 12 so that you have 11 small pictures of each of the cards.
  4. Turn on some music and tell kids to walk around on the cards in a circle, all going the same direction.
  5. Stop the music and pick one of the small picture cards to show. Whoever is standing on that picture can go and choose a prize.
  6. Repeat until all kids have gotten a prize (or 2 or 3).

Why should we do St. Patrick’s Day movement games at a party?

Game are always fun at parties! This one is low prep and easy to run.

  1. The game can be used for kids of a variety of ages! Kids just need to be able to move in a circle and stop when someone says stop.
  2. The candy walk helps kids build their vocabulary as they see the pictures and listen to the words that are called out.
  3. Candy walks can be adapted for any theme. You can make your movement game based on your preschooler’s interest or even holidays.
  4. This game helps kids work on their listening skills.
  5. This movement game gets kids moving!

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Movement Game Cards

What sort of prizes should we get?

Here’s what prizes we included…

  • St Patrick’s Day glasses
  • St. Patrick’s Day necklaces
  • St Patrick’s Day Temporary tattoos
  • Snack sized Skittles candy
  • Snack sized Air Head Rainbow candies
  • Starbursts

Make St. Patrick’s Day extra fun for your kids with this simple game!

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Do you have any other favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities? Share them in the comments!

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