What can you do with foam letters? This easy foam letter activity for kids will be a hit! It’s quick to set up and kids think it’s magical!

Need something easy to pull out that will keep your littles busy? This is a winner!

Foam letters are great bath time toys, but you can use them for so much more, including alphabet activities outside of the bath!

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Toddlers are always learning and noticing things in their environment, including letters and numbers.

I like to introduce alphabet letters to toddlers in playful and creative ways, like this foam letter painting activity. You can see 25 of our other favorite alphabet activities here.

What you need for this foam letter activity?

You only need a few items to get this activity set up! It’s so quick.

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How to play this foam letter activity:

Sticking on the foam letters is so easy!

Just paint the backs of the foam letters with water and stick them on the window. Easy peasy!

I like to lay down a towel underneath any paint cup or bowl of water while I’m painting.

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Set up is so easy that it almost feels too good to be true!

Not only is this a quick set up, but the activity packs a punch! You can talk about the letters together, hunt for specific letters, spell words (for older kids), and more!

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Pass along any other favorites or comment below!