Check out this super simple sticker name activity for preschoolers! Teaching your kids about their name doesn’t have to be complicated. Explore names while creating name art together!

Names are important to kids, which is why we start exploring letters with kids by introducing them to simple name activities. There are so many ways to have fun with the letters in our names! We especially love using stickers to create name art!

How do you help preschoolers learn their names?

Start simple!

Try simple name recognition activities, games, and hunts!

You can also add in name art, like this sticker name activity.

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How to set up a sticker name activity for preschoolers:

To get started with this simple name activity, you’ll only need a few supplies! All of these are linked in my Most Used Activity Supplies List)

Supplies Needed:

  • Alphabet stickers (Target & the Dollar Store have lots of these)
  • Any other favorite type of stickers
  • Black Sharpie
  • Roll of paper
  • Markers
  • Painters tape

Not only is this a great way to use up all the stray stickers you have around your house, but you also get to bust out your bubble letter making skills! Mine are pretty boxy but they are fun to draw!

Set up is so easy! Here’s how to make this name art activity really quick:

  1. Lay out a big piece of paper on the ground and draw your child’s name with bubble letters or just thick/fat letters.
  2. Stick the big piece of paper on the wall.
  3. Give your kiddos some stickers and let them start sticking them inside the letters of their name.

Pro tip: Write the letters of your child’s name on the different stickers that you have. We pulled out heart stickers from Valentine’s Day and wrote a different letter of my daughter’s name on each sticker.

4. Encourage your kids to match the corresponding letter sticker to the giant letter on the wall!

5. Decorate! Give your kids markers and let them decorate the letters and their name however they want. My daughter wanted to add patterns and even legs and faces to some of the letters.

Let kids use their creativity!

The best activities are just jumping off points for more creating! By giving kids additional supplies, like markers or crayons, they can expand on this basic name sticker activity and let it morph into something more creative that extends the activity.

Want to extend this further? Or make it more of a challenge? Add in your child’s last name or middle name.

Not only does this activity help kids explore their name and learn about the letters, but peeling off the stickers is a great fine motor activity!

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