Need a simple winter art activity? This Tape Resist Snowflake Art is the perfect idea!

This art idea is 100% inspired by my friend Susie at Busy Toddler! We’ve been in love with the tape resist art she’s been sharing this year and knew we needed to try our own!

As an elementary school teacher, doing art activities inspired by great artists was one of my favorite things to do each week.

As a parent, I’ve loved exploring famous artists with my kids this year as we’ve been learning at home. It’s been cool to introduce them to new techniques and experiences.

Painting with kids doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. Start by finding an art material that you feel comfortable using with your kids- like painter’s tape!

Painter’s tape is something we always have around our house, so it is perfect to pull out for a painting activity!

Did you know? Famous artist Paul Klee loved creating super easy washi masking tape resist art. You can learn more about him here.

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This Tape resist snowflake art is so easy to set up!

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What you need to make your own snowflake tape resist art:

  • Washable paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Large poster board paper
  • Paint brushes (various sizes)
  • Plates
  • Scissors

We like to use big fat brushes when we’re doing tape resist painting to make sure the whole paper gets covered with paint!

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How to set up this tape resists snowflake art activity:

  • Tape a large piece of paper onto the wall (or onto a table)
  • Use tape and scissors to create some tape snowflakes on the paper.
  • Paint over the entire white posterboard. Try not to leave any white spots.
  • Let it dry overnight.
  • Peel off the tape for the big reveal!

Next you need to find somewhere you can display your beautiful winter art creation!

Now that the project is done, let’s talk a little bit more about this project.

What is resist art?

When an artist does resist art, she artist covers portions of a surface with a “resist” layer to shape create designs, patterns, and other things.

In this activity, the artist created snowflakes using a “resist” layer (aka painter’s tape).

When artists try to paint over the resist layer, the paint can’t go through! When the tape is peeled off, it leaves the art project with white lines and creations to make a snowflake.

Do you have any other favorite winter art activities you want to try?

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