How do you make Easter fun for toddlers? You find the best toddler Easter activities! I’ve collected over 50 that you will love!

Here are the four key components of THE BEST Easter activities for toddlers!

The best toddler Easter activities…

  • Use simple materials
  • Are quick to set up
  • Are open-ended
  • Work for a variety of ages

I love holidays and making things festive and fun, but I also don’t want to take forever to set up an activity that kids play with for 15 seconds. These simple toddler Easter activities have been tried and tested and get 5 GOLD STARS.

To make Easter fun for parents AND toddlers, I’ve put together a list of over 50 awesome Easter activities that are organized by category. This will make it easy for you to scan the list and pick the sort of activity your kids are most interested in.

What age are these Easter activities for?

Toddlers and preschoolers will LOVE these activities. Big siblings may want to join in too!

What type of activities are included in this Easter activities list?

  • Motor activities (that get kids moving their small and big muscles)
  • Sensory activities (that encourage kids to use their senses as they play)
  • Arts & Crafts activities (including lots of painting!)
  • Science activities (fizzy Easter fun is our favorite!)
  • Literacy activities (exploring names & the alphabet)
  • Color activities (including some yummy snacktivities)

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Check out all 50+ Amazing & Simple Toddler Easter Activities

Easter Motor Activities

Why motor activities? When kids get moving their brains wake up and they learn more. Motor activities also help kids develop skills that will help them in their day to day lives. Toddler Easter activities can be fun while strengthening fine & gross motor skills too!

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  1. Easter Hunt Matching Activity by Toddler Approved

2. Easter Egg Snack Hunt by Busy Toddler

3. Plastic Egg Drop Game by Toddler Approved

4. Tubes and Easter Eggs by Happy Toddler Playtime

5. Plastic Egg Stacking Game by Toddler Approved

6. Cardboard Box Egg Roll Game by Toddler Approved

7. Egg Drop Baby Game by Happily Ever Mom

8. Easter Egg Hunt by Toddler Approved

9. Easter Memory Game by Happily Ever Mom

10. Egg Drop Fine Motor Activity by Days with Grey

11. Wobbly Easter Egg Ramps by And Next Comes L

12. Egg Towers Balancing Game by Frugal Fun 4 Boys

13. Egg Shaker Guessing Game by Mama Papa Bubba

Easter Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are always a hit! These Easter sensory activities use water, rice, cereal, and a few other simple bin fillers that are sure to delight kids. Sensory play helps kids explore their senses.

14. Egg Scoop Activity by Toddler Approved

15. Easter Egg Rice Bin by Busy Toddler

16. Easter Sensory Bin with Funnels & Eggs by Toddler Approved

17. Easter Egg Sensory Bag Hunt by Happy Toddler Playtime

18. Giant Easter Sensory Bin by Toddler Approved

19. Easter Name Dig Activity by Toddler Approved

20. Easter Kinetic Sand Play by Toddler Approved

21. Easter Egg Rescue Sensory Bin by Happy Toddler Playtime

22. Sticky Easter Egg by Toddler Approved

23. Playdough Easter Eggs by Toddler Approved

Easter Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts are a great way to help kids explore new materials and art techniques. We even included a few taste free ideas if you have a kiddo that still tries to eat everything!

24. Tape Resist Easter Egg Craft by Toddler Approved

25. Easter Egg Roll & Paint by Busy Toddler

26. Easter Bunny Puppet Craft by Toddler Approved

27. Giant Easter Egg Painting by Happy Toddler Playtime

28. Easter Bunny Spin Art by Toddler Approved

29. Q-Tip Painting Easter Egg Craft by No Time for Flashcards

30. Easter Egg Collage Craft by Toddler Approved

31. Squeegee Paint Easter Egg by Hello, Wonderful

32. Easter Egg Drip Painting by Toddler Approved

33. Rolled Easter Egg Painting by Tinkerlab

34. Paper Plate Easter Basket by Toddler Approved

35. Crack Egg Painting by Toddler Approved

36. Watercolor Easter Eggs by Happy Hooligans

37. Shape Egg Craft by Toddler Approved

38. Splatter Paint Easter Egg by Hands On: As We Grow

39. Giant Bunny Friends by Toddler Approved

40. Easter Egg Art Activity by Days with Grey

Easter Science Activities

Fizz, splat, crunch, drip… Easter science is THE best! Grab some baking soda, vinegar, salt, or water and you’re ready to explore some awesome science activities! Science activities let kids problem solve, make observations, explore cause and effect, and just have fun!

41. Easter Egg Ice Excavation by Toddler Approved

42. Sink the Egg STEM Challenge by Happy Toddler Playtime

43, Volcano Egg Dyeing by Toddler Approved

44. Egg Salt Painting by Toddler Approved

45. Easter Egg Science Activity by Busy Toddler

Easter Literacy Activities

Learning simple literacy skills is fun, but is even cooler with a theme! These Easter name recognition and alphabet activities can be repeated again and again!

46. Easter Name Sticker Game by Toddler Approved

47. ABC Easter Egg Match by Busy Toddler

48. Name Egg Hunt by Toddler Approved

49. ABC Egg Hunt by Toddler Approved

50. Alphabet Surprise Eggs by Keep Toddlers Busy

Easter Color Activities

Kids are naturally drawn to colors! These activities let kids explore colors in simple ways that get them moving… and even snacking!

51. Bunny Color Hunt by Toddler Approved

52. Bunny Color Matching Game by Toddler Approved

53. M&M Bunny Patterning Activity by Toddler Approved

54. Bunny Color Hop by Toddler Approved

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Bunny Marshmallow Color Matching by Toddler Approved

Feed the Bunny Color Game by Toddler Approved

Bunny Color Sorting by Toddler Approved

Cracked Egg Puzzles by Toddler Approved

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Did we miss any of your favorite Easter activities? Share in the comments below! We are always looking for new Easter activity ideas to add to our list!

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