What are the best toddler rainbow activities? You’re going to love this list of 40+ colorful rainbow themed activities for kids!

I know how it feels to want to do simple activities with your kids and just not know where to start- especially around holidays. This list is your “go to” guide for all things rainbow! Rainbow activities are fun to do all year long!

Since I love keeping things organized, I’ve grouped the list into SIX different sections so you can quickly glance and figure out what activities you want to try.

This toddler rainbow activities list includes rainbow science, arts & crafts, sensory, fine motor, games, and snacks & treats. Many of these can be used with older kids as well!

Do you have a favorite “must try” toddler rainbow activity? We’d love to hear about it!

40+ Amazing Toddler Rainbow Activities

Here’s the list of 40+ awesome rainbow themed activities for toddlers (and preschoolers too). Click on the links below to access the full activity tutorials.

Rainbow Science Activities

Science projects are so simple and easy! We love exploring science concepts starting when our kids are little! There are so many easy science experiments that you can set up using materials you already have around the house. Our favorites usually include ice or baking soda & vinegar! I hope you love these rainbow science ideas!

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Rainbow Ice Excavation by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Clouds Science by Toddler Approved

Fizzy Rainbow Science by Messy Little Monster

Rainbow Rain Cloud In a Jar by Best Ideas for Kids

Colorful Magic Milk by Toddler Approved

Colorful Fizzy Drips Science by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Arts & Crafts Activities

Kids love to explore using different materials as they create! You can paint with so many materials that you have in your kitchen. We love to invite kids to participate in arts & crafts activities and let them take the lead. These colorful art ideas allow kids to use their creativity and try some new things.

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Rainbow Spin Art Painting by Toddler Approved

Kitchen Utensil Rainbow Art by Happy Toddler Playtime

Potato Stamp Rainbows by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Suncatchers by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Shaving Cream Rainbow Prints by Toddler Approved

Cork Painted Rainbows by No Time for Flashcards

Rainbow Name Craft by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Blow Painting by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Comb Painting by No Time for Flashcards

Paper Plate Rainbow by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Snake Craft by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Stick Painting by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Collage Art by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Heart Craft by Days with Grey

Rainbow Sensory Activities

Sensory play is always our number one activity to try when the day needs a little pick up! There’s something about getting your hands and body exploring different materials that helps calm kids down. Sensory play can be messy or mess-free! We hope you love these activities as much as we have!

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Rainbow Oobleck by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Pouring Station by Busy Toddler

Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Plan by No Time for Flashcards

Kinetic Sand Rainbow Hunt by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Noodle Play by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin Busy Toddler

Rainbow Ice Play by Busy Toddler

Rainbow Themed Games

Games that get kids moving, learning, and hunting are the best! These rainbow themed games introduce kids to their names, numbers, and colors.

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Popping a Rainbow Game by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Name Hunt by Toddler Approved

Pot of Gold Number Hunt by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Sidewalk Simon Game by Toddler Approved

Color Wheel Hunt by Toddler Approved

Color Heart Hunt by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities help kids strengthen their hands, wrists, and fingers. Fine motor skills are important for helping kids learn how to use writing tools, scissors, performing different self-help skills (like buttoning and zipping), and learning how to throw and catch. These rainbow themed fine motor activities are fun and so helpful for kids.

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Rainbow Bead Activity by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Fine Motor Clothespin Activity by No Time for Flashcards

Rainbow Cereal Sorting by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Dot Sticker Line Up by Busy Toddler

Rainbow Leprechaun Trap by Days with Grey

Rainbow Bears Sorting Activity by Days with Grey

Rainbow Snacks & Treats

Activities related to food are always popular. “Snacktivities” are where kids get to eat a snack AND do an activity. They’re a win for everyone! These rainbow themed snacks are sure to be delicious and wow your toddler friends.

Rainbow Fruit & Veggie Garden by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Fruit Skewers by Baby Foodie

Rainbow Yogurt Pops by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Snack Mix by Shaken Together Life

Fruit Rainbow by Toddler Approved

Rainbow Fruit Cup by Mrs Plemon’s Kindergarten

Rainbow Treat by The Crafting Chicks

Rainbow Pancakes by Unique Gifter

Do you have any more awesome toddler rainbow activities we should add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!