How do you entertain your kids when you are sick? Here are some easy toddler activities for sick parents!

Whether you’re just exhausted or feeling sick, sometimes it helps to have a few tricks in your back pocket in case you are parenting while sick and don’t have anyone to help you.

I’ve been there! It’s no fun!

10+ Toddler Activities for Sick Parents

Here are a few lying on the couch activities I’ve done with kids (in addition to screen time and giving them some popular quiet time activities). These work for pregnant moms, parents that have long term health issues, and parents that are just simply tired out too!

Several of these ideas were suggested by Toddler Approved Instagram followers.

1. I-SPY Lying down

You lie down and look around and say “I spy with my little eye, sometimes that…” and they try and find it.

2. Frozen statues

practice seeing who can stay the most still. 😅 Or turn on some music so your kiddo can dance. When you turn off the music, have them try and be a frozen statue.

3. Guess the shape- Have your child lie on their stomach.

Draw a shape (or anything) on their back. Have them try to guess what it is. Then have them try it on you. You might have no idea what they drew 🤷‍♀️🤣 but it passes the time.

4. Bury mom (or dad… or any grown up)

Tell your kiddo to bury you in stuffed animals and blankets. This will take awhile and gets their body moving too.🙌

5. Flashlight story time

Grab a book, turn off the light, and use your phone flashlight to read your kids a story. It’s a new way to jazz up an old favorite.

6. Hide the stuffed animal

Take your child’s stuffed animals and hide them around the house. Lie on the couch and send them to find them. Repeat as needed.

7. Doctor and patient

This one is easy! You are the patient and your child is in charge of taking care of you. They can bring your drinks, bandage up any injuries, take your temperature, whatever!

8. Hair salon

Lie down and turn your hair over to your kiddos. Give them a brush, some hair clips, and pony tail holders and see how they transform your look.

9. Don’t Wake the Dragon

You are the dragon. Surround yourself with toys and books and other “treasure”. Your kids then try to rescue the treasure without waking up the dragon (you!). See if you can even score a nap during this game!

10. I Am a Street

This one is genius! Grab some toy cars and lie face down on the couch or floor. Have your kids drive all over your back like you’re the “street.” This will give you a nice back scratch too! Want to take it up a notch? Make one of these t-shirts to have on hand for the next time you’re sick.

11. Paint the grown up

This one is not for the faint of heart. It involves paint, which many of us don’t have the patience for when we’re sick… but if you’re up for it. Try! Grab some face paint (or just washable paint) and let your kids paint YOU! That’s right, it’s called “paint the grown up.” Keep some towels nearby and be ready for a nice warm bath or shower to scrub off the paint afterwards. Your kids will probably have so much fun decorating you that you’ll have time to snag a nap while they give you a new look.

12. Hot or Cold

This classic is always fun! Hide a toy or a special object in the room where you are. Call out hot or cold depending how close your child is getting to finding it. If your child is getting closer to the object, say HOT. If your child is moving away from the object, say COLD. Once you find the object, repeat with a new object or a new hiding place.

Any type of hunt can save the day when you’re sick. Here are a few of our other favorite hunts to try.

PS- Screen time rules go out the window over here when anyone is sick. It’s survival mode and we do what we can to make it through. If you have a kid that will watch Paw Patrol on repeat while you feel crummy, use that! If your kiddo only will watch a show or two and you need some reinforcement, I hope these silly activities to play while you’re lying down can help you out!

Have any other favorite ways you keep kiddos entertained while you are sick? Share them in the comments.