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Turn an ordinary fruit cup into a colourful turkey snack with this free printable template. 

The finished turkey snack would make a nice table decoration for Thanksgiving, a fun healthy dessert or a sweet sugar-free treat idea for kids.

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Turkey snack cup printable

There are so many beautiful holiday-themed sweet treats around on social media at this time of year. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: handmade goodies created with a steady hand, a lot of patience and a mountain of sugar. The kind that usually look way too good to eat.

These are a lot of fun and, I get it, sugary treats are a way to celebrate special occasions like parties and holidays, not for every day. Still, it doesn’t need to be full of refined sugar to be fun and tasty, does it?

This turkey snack cup is quick and easy to make, looks adorable, tastes sweet and is healthy as well. Best of all, there is no fiddly baking and decorating involved – that’s my kind of kid’s snack!

Whilst we’ve glued the paper turkey parts onto a plastic fruit tub, you could also use a yoghurt tub, a juice popper, a jelly cup or even a real piece of fruit like an orange or mandarine. Whatever you have in the cupboard. 

How to make a turkey snack cup

You will need:

How to:

  1. Cut the parts out
  2. Glue them onto your snack

That’s it!

turkey parts printed and cut out

turkey snack cup craft for kids

Such a cute and easy holiday snack idea!

We have loads more kid-friendly snack recipes on our cooking with kids board on Pinterest too, check it out.

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turkey snack cup craft