Colorful art projects using paint, coffee filters, and a salad spinner.

How do you get started with salad spinner spin art? It’s so easy! I’m going to tell you all about it inside this post.

Salad spinner art is my favorite way to paint for two reasons.

  1. It’s almost completely mess-free.
  2. Even the busiest kids love it because it is action art!

Who doesn’t love a semi mess-free art activity that gets little bodies moving too?

Spin art is also super colorful and it’s different every time you do it. My kids love to do this one on repeat.

Not only is spin art easy to set up, but it’s fun for kids of all ages. 

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mom and daughter holiday up a salad spinner filled with a colorful painted coffee filter

Spin art is so simple- here are the details:

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Materials You Need for Spin Art

What kind of paint do you use for spin art?

You can use a variety of paint for spin art.

My favorite paints to use are liquid watercolors.

We also use washable tempera paint. The paint moves best if it is watered down, so if you use washable paint, you’ll want to add a little water to it first.

mom squirting washable tempera paint into a salad spinner

What is your favorite salad spinner for spin art?

There are so many opinions on salad spinners. The majority of people love IKEA salad spinners because they are CHEAP and easily replaceable. I’ve been using salad spinners with toddler groups for years, and my OXO salad spinner is the winner every time (versus other brands, including the IKEA one).  

three kids pressing down an OXO salad spinner

Why is it the winner?

Because kids press it up and down with two hands and can get their whole bodies into it versus having to turn a knob in circles.

It’s just plain easier.

Both work, but I’ve had my Oxo for almost 10 years and hundreds of spin art sessions, and it’s still going strong.

kid pressing down on an OXO salad spinner with two hands

Do I need a separate salad spinner for art?

Yes. You could wash it and use it for salad, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

But I’ve also never actually used a salad spinner for salad… so I might not be the best person to ask.

How do you introduce spin art to kids?

When you get started with spin art, kids are usually curious about the salad spinner or afraid of it. 

First, I kick off any spin art lesson with a demonstration of how it works and how to squirt the paint inside. After watching me do it, kids are usually chomping at the bit to have a turn.  

Here are my simple Salad Spinner Spin Art instructions:

  1. Open the salad spinner.
  2. Put the cut paper or coffee filter inside the salad spinner.
  3. Squirt paint onto the coffee filter/paper (It works best if you squirt it in several spots inside of the coffee filter instead of just in the center).
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Spin for a few minutes.
  6. Open it and see how it looks. If it needs more colors, squeeze more paint, put the lid on and spin some more.
  7. Remove it from the salad spinner and lay it out to dry.  
  8. Repeat!

What are some salad spinner art projects to try? Here are 25+ Awesome Spin Art Activities that we love!

We’ve broken these salad spinner art ideas down into two categories.

  1. Holiday/season spin art ideas- these go along with different themes like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or other ones like fall or winter.
  2. Unique spin art ideas- these ideas use materials besides coffee filters and paper and often help kids create a more unique spin art project.

Holiday spin art ideas using leaves, trees, pumpkins, and hearts

Holiday Spin Art Ideas

Click on the titles below for the full tutorial of each salad spinner art project!

Spin Art Apple Banner by Toddler Approved

Apple Pie Scented Spin Art by Modern Preschool

Autumn Leaf Spin Art Garland by The Imagination Tree

Magic Leaves by Right Brained Mom

Pumpkin Spin Art Suncatcher by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Turkey Craft by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Christmas Wreath by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Christmas Trees by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Spin Art Snowflakes by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Heart Suncatcher by Toddler Approved

Mess Free Spin Art Hearts by Toddler Approved

St. Patrick’s Day Spin Art by No Time for Flashcards

Rainbow Flower Spin Art by Messy Little Monster

Spin Art Fish Craft via Rainy Day Mum

Easter Bunny Spin Art by Toddler Approved

Easter Egg Spin Art Garland by The Imagination Tree

Spring Spin Art by Life Your Way

May Day Salad Spinner art by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Streamers by Hands On As We Grow

unique salad spinner art projects using pinecones, rocks, sald dough, and clothespins

Unique Spin Art Ideas

Click on the titles below for the full tutorial of each salad spinner art project!

Spin Art Buffet Bar by Meri Cherry

Spin Art Butterflies by Toddler Approved

Salad Spinner Art with Condensed Milk by Juggling with Kids

Salad Spinner Salt Dough Ornaments by Emma Owl

Spin Art Rocks by Meri Cherry

Other fun salad spinner activities by Happy Toddler Playtime

Spin Art Pinecones by Naturally Curious Children

Spin Art Wall Hangings by Hello Wonderful

Spin Art Fairies by Toddler Approved

Spin Art Dragonflies by Moose Mischief 

Do you have any other spin art ideas you’ve tried? Tell us in the comments!

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salad spinner art activities using paper, hearts, and coffee filters