This was such an easy activity and the Kysen loved it. He said it was like magic! We used cookie cutter hearts to trace and color in with a white crayon. Then he painted the paper with liquid water colors and the “magic” happened! We did hearts since Valentine’s Day is coming soon but you can use any shape.  

Materials (affiliate links):
Heart cookie cutters
Liquid watercolors
white crayons
white construction paper
Paint brush

First you trace and color in the cookie cutters with a white crayon.  


When you are all done coloring, it is time to paint with the liquid watercolors.  As Kysen was painting he noticed that the paper was absorbing the paint but the crayon was not.  This was a great time to talk about what crayons are made of.  We talked about how crayons are made of wax and wax resist liquids. 



To add in some math I made a picture with a bunch of hearts.  Then I had Kysen paint the picture and tell me how many hearts he saw.  

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