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Isn’t this woodland animal paper wreath sweet? This is an easy papercraft for all ages you can make at home to decorate for Christmas, Autumn or Fall. Free printable template included.

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woodland animal paper wreath

I love simple papercrafts where all you need are the basics. Sometimes you don’t need to get fancy with expensive crafting materials to make something beautiful.

This woodland animal wreath has three different animals you can choose from to include in the centre. A fox, a squirrel and a bunny (I haven’t included a picture of the bunny version but the shape is there).

two woodland animal wreaths


Lets get started…

How to make a woodland animal paper wreath

You will need

How to:

Trace the wreath base on a cardstock paper or cardboard and trace the leaves on green construction paper. Cut out the traced wreath base and leaves.

woodland animal wreath step one

Take each leaf cutout and fold them into half lengthwise to create a crease line.

woodland animal wreath step two

Take the leaves and glue them on the paper wreath base however you want. I’m putting the leaves on one side.

woodland animal wreath step three

Trace an animal pattern onto craft paper and cut it out. This example is the fox, but choose from others on the template.

paper animal cut out

Stick the animal pattern cutouts together.

fox animal pattern

Use a sharpie or gel pen to draw the face details of the paper animal. Also, cut out the other patterns (mushroom and tree) and join the parts to complete each item.

paper craft items ready to glue onto wreath

Stick the mushroom and tree on the back of the wreath base.

wreath waiting for animal

Glue the animal into place. Arrange them how you like and have fun!

finished paper wreath

This wreath would look sweet on the wall in a child’s bedroom, isn’t it cute?

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woodland animal paper wreath craft