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Do you enjoy yarn crafts as much as I do? If so then you’ll love this collection of fun and easy yarn crafts for kids!

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Easy yarn crafts for kids, over 15 creative and fun crafts!

I’ve always had a funny thing for yarn. Even though I can’t knit or crochet I hoard it like crazy. I love the different colours and textures you can buy it in, plus it’s easy to store, not very messy and oh-so-versatile.

Today we’re sharing some of our favourite yarn crafts, from finger knitting to weaving to DIY pom poms. Lets get started…

Finger knitting yarn craft ideas

Finger knitting is one of my girls’ all time favourites, check out:

You can’t beat DIY pom poms for a quick and easy weekend craft!

p[om pom animal craft ideas – yarn crafts for kids

Make some adorable pom pom animals using our free prinatble templates…

yarn doll ideas for kids

You can use yarn to make the cutest handmade dolls:

Here are some fun yarn weaving ideas:

Halloween yarn crafts for kids

Yarn crafts are always fun on holidays too, here are some Halloween ideas:

Christmas yarn craft ideas

And for the Christmas tree try:

More traditional crafts for kids:

Fun and easy yarn craft ideas for kids